How a Movie Review Entertains Viewers

Let’s find out how a movie review makes impact to the viewers. Some viewers watch movie basing on the movie review that is presented. This is why before watching a movie, they first brows its movie review made by different people. So movie review plays an important role whether to the increase of the rating of a movie. However, there are some who do not care on the movie review since they themselves will give their own criticism while watching  a movie.

Dependent people would actually rely on the movie review. This is why reviewers must be careful of the details and personal impression to avoid disappointing people from viewing movies. In fact, movie critic is subjective that anybody would disagree with the comment. So, just focus on the good sides of the movie and give negative comments only in the aspect that makes the movie ugly such as the inappropriateness of the character costume, lack of editing skills, and low quality music, unclear voice—technical sides.

It means do not give your personal reasons why you do not like the movie. Otherwise, you will look ridiculous in the sight of the readers. For example, you didn’t like the movie just because the main actor or actress is ugly or the actress is more beautiful than you. Good criticism focuses on the plot analysis of the story or the movie. Focusing on the devises they used to construct the plot will motivate your readers to watch the movie or like your post and publication.