The Contents of a Movie Review.

Here are guides on how you write a content of a movie review.


The Introduction contains the background of the review. You may include why you have you make the review and why you chose the particular movie. It is good to include the title and author of the film, and characters. You can begin the review by pointing out the central concept and assessment of the review.

2. Plot

In this section, you can directly go into the analysis of the plot or add a very brief summary, meaning not to mention details that would steal viewers’ interests.

3. Description

This includes your personal impression towards the film, but you control the negative criticisms you might have in your mind. You may share your personal feeling when you watch the film.

4. Analysis

First, you have to point out the good qualities of the film in terms of its technical side like video editing, graphic effects, lightings and others affect the entire story. Include the plot techniques and devices used. Give interpretation to the plot of the story.

To put it simply the over-all analysis of the plot is the most interesting part of the entire review.

5. Assessment

This is the section where the viewers will find out when the film is really good or not to you. Movie review is a subjective type of response. Even if you do not like the movie, why would others not watch it just because you said that it is not good? This is why it is always better to limit the negative comments towards the movie.