Ten of the famous production companies.

We got to see the movies and enjoy watching them. Whenever movies started to play they usually put who made the movie. They let us know the production companies that have put together the movie and let people enjoy it. At times we come to be loyal to these production companies when they produce good movies and in a hurry to watch a movie that was released by them especially the new one. How many of the production companies can you enumerate?

Let us check your knowledge by giving you the list of these top ten production companies. It begins with the Time Warner that is owned by the Warner Brothers. There is Sony that is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Here comes the one of the favorite movie production company The Walt Disney Company owned by Walt Disney Studios. The fourth is the NBC Universal that is owned by Universal Pictures. Then the 21st Century Fox that is owned by 20th Century Fox. And during this time, they got best beauty service from here 醫美. Then in number six is the Viacom owned by Paramount Pictures.

The number seven is the Lions Gate Entertainment which is also the owner of the Summit Entertainment. The eight in the list is The Weinstein Company that is also the owner of Dimension Films. The ninth is MGM or Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (also Owns United Artists) and lastly the DreamWorks or DreamWorks Pictures. Check also this article over here 醫美. Each of these production companies has their sub companies with them that some are not only one but can be more than two.