Introducing you to the best movie theaters in the world

Movie theaters around the world have their different styles and designs. Each has been created with the artistic collaboration of persons and professionals. There are out door but they are mostly indoor theaters. Some were built centuries ago and some are in the contemporary age. Theaters are a great place to be with and watch movies. If you are lacking in time and there are lots of movies to be shown but you only have one to choose then you can refer to the movie reviews written here and other websites to have a guide on choosing your movie to watch.

If you have seen the outdoor Cine Thisio located in Athens, Greece you will be entertained as it has a different setting. It is best to watch at night time. Next is the Alamo Drafthouse in Texas in the United States. You might be required to wear their required clothing provided but also it is a different and fun adventure. Next is Raj Mandir Theater located in Jaipur, India and the Kino International in Berlin, Germany. In Seoul, South Korea you can find the 4DX movie theater. When moving to Tokyo, there is the Uplink X Movie Theater.

Moving to the indian country in Hyderabad is the Prasad movie theater. It is a cinema that is located in a comple where you can also find a gaming area, place for eating and also even do your shopping. Next is Cine de Chef also in Seoul, South Korea, official statement. You can see many from this source thing that you can use.