How to Create a Movie Review

You can be a good movie critic when you practice these guide presented. Be responsible for what you write and produce in order to avoid insulting yourself and other parties involved.

1.Go into the contents of the movie thoroughly.

Watch a movie as many times as you want until you are satisfied with your understanding about the contents of the movie. The reason it is recommendable for you to watch movie many times is that there are details you do not yet perceive while watching. The tendency when you do not understand well the movie is that you will be tempted to see others movie review, which may possibly drag you to confusion and hesitation. Do not rely on others perspective towards the movie.

2.Take down notes

Take note of the contents of the movie that you think important in the critic while watching the movie. In this section enters the different thoughts or similar thoughts of reviewers. Write your thought, the best way you can. Giving a review on the plot and characters of the story in detail will interest the readers most. Give comments with the technical part of the story including graphic effects, musical rate, lightings, video editing and others.

3.Justified Criticism

To be constructive critic, you have to present proofs for all the negative and positive comments although you are given the freedom to express your thoughts. It is not good to be bias in your movie review. Remember that you are not the only watcher. Remember that your critic should not destroy the image of the movie.

4.Review your work

After you are done with the review. Check again the details that you took note and modify your work if necessary before publishing or posing your review. Do not make others hate your review because of the injustice criticism or the errors you made.